Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Start the demolition!

Nothing can ever be left as it is, this is my motto. First things first,
  • Found mold in the basement behind the wall boards, tear down and seal. 


Starting to demo the rest, I like a clean slate to work with.

Now sealed and pretty looking.
  • Build a flower shelf on the kitchen window

  • Removal of bushes in front yard, this was not fun.

Me, the black shirt masks the 3 gallons of sweat being produced.

There was more sticks when I was done then when I started.

Baxter was helping with the heavy lifting.
  • Now that the bushes are not in the way,

April surprised me while I was working on a secret project.

A new custom window box for the front of the house.

It's all coming together now.

Our first "Farm"..home

When my wife and I were first married we had these big dreams. Find a home close to downtown and live the busy city life. This lasted about one year before we relized it was not for us. The advantages of our first rental home did however pay off. We were close to the park, we were in charge of the upkeep on the house, and we lived next door to two very friendly hippies.

After the first year we started looking for something further out of town. There was three things I was looking for.
  • Larger yard
  • Garage
  • Basement
...Soon after discovered that these are very hard to find in Winston Salem, NC. Thanks be to God however that we found a home with all three!! "I cannot express the excitement level in text." Below is our first home.