Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our inspiration for 1/4 acre farm

Last fall April and I wanted to start getting our hands dirty, mud caked fingernails, sweaty foreheads, outdoor punishment. We have always been a little green around the thumb with planting our flower gardens, but we wanted more. First step for me is always research.... Learn something everyday is my motto. I went to my most favorite location to start my research.

What would the world do without this place? Every time April and I are like, "So...what do you want to do tonight?" It will inevitably lead us to the front doors of B&N.

Now that my research can begin I make my way to the gardening section, it takes a real man to sit down next to six women and look at garden books. Two of these women glanced over at me with a half snicker in the corner of their lips. On with the research... I found the most amazing book called "The Backyard Homestead" which could potentially lead April and I down the path of being farm folk. 

Below is the idea that we are after for our layout.
The house even kind of looks like our house and yard layout. Basically this would be our goal for the next 1-3 years of getting it ready. Because we live within city limits though we would need to nix the pigs :-( The next thing on my list is the removal of a couple of trees in the back yard and starting the construction of the raised beds.

Today though I am going to be working on a project for a friend of mine. I am turning an old piano from 1930ish into a TV stand. I will post pictures as the project comes along.

Happy research to everyone and keep learning something.


  1. Hey, I am a Sustainable Ag student at Utah State University and am working on designing a farm for a NPO that teaches farming in Africa. I'm working off of a 1 acre model. I'd love to open correspondence and trade ideas when you have a moment! Shoot me an email when you what to.

  2. Hey,

    It's 2011, and just wondering how you are doing now? I'm looking to do this sometime in the future and found your inspiration through Google Images. Would like to know how you are doing with it? Do you plan to continue this blog or do you know of other blogs/websites that may have information of not just the how to's but the OMG's too.