Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our future House/Barn on what we hope will be our little veggie patch one day

Since April and I have started looking for property we have also been looking into different housing options. Keep in mind that most of this is a thought to our future - an end goal some would say. 

Just to give some background, April and I hope to begin fostering this year. After getting some experience under our belt we hope to foster two to four kids in the 16 -18 year age group.  Our hope is that we could share working experience, structured responsibilities, etc. and in return we would be keeping them in a Christian atmosphere and give them the option to stay even after they leave the foster care system. 

I have to admit, we've been getting really excited about the possibilities and have found ourselves going loony over land.  We've also been toying with the idea of a house/barn. April had the idea before she realized they actually had such things.  So far we've sort of fallen for this model from Sand Creek Post & Beam. 

There's an open floor plan in the living area with a barn below. You can view more details of this barn at under combination barns.

Now we just need some land to set it on. Oh wait - we found that would just take us about an hour and a half away from our home. That just didn't seem right when we've felt such peace about where God has brought us thus far. But the was great!

The house needed a lot of work but there were some exciting possibilities!

As usual, April wasn't far away with her camera. I'm laughing at her because she's scared that I'm walking around the property in the middle of nowhere opening barn doors and peeping in windows - it freaks her out a little. 

Maybe this will be a picture she's taking one day of us on our own little chunk of land. We'll see.

All in due time...

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