Thursday, January 7, 2010

February leaf pick-up ?? I was lazy over the fall.

Yes, the title says all you need to know. I do not have a lot of room to talk because we have less trees in our yard than most, but it does not mean that they are any easier to rake up.

The mistake I made was waiting until now (Feb) to do so... Why?
1. After it snows leaves become a solid carpet like structure on your grass.
2.When it is under freezing for two weeks they do not like to dry out.
3. Wet leaves weigh about ten times there normal weight.
4. I tell myself every year since we have moved here, "I am not going to wait until Feb to do this"

It does make for some enjoyment though...

Baxter was picking up his toys for me.

Maggie was inspecting my work, waiting for a grassy spot to snooze on.

Grassy spot found! Two hours into operation "Pick-Up"

Soon after there is something in the air, adventure to be found.

Chester holds her interest for about 10sec before being lazy can continue.

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