Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is what I do...

I thought it only proper to inform those who view my blog or follow it of what it is I spend most of my time doing apart from building things, painting things, etc..

I knew from the time I had my first full-time
job that working under the mandates of a time
punch machine and my first oh so lovely boss that it was not for me...

UrbaNature started around 2004 as a way for me to get away from it all. A time that I could control how my creativity would be used, not how an institution feels it should be used. I had pushed art almost out of my life because the way it is pinned down by what an education system thinks art should be. You all know what I am talking about if you have ever taken an art class ( color wheels, history & theory, color blocks, etc...) When does this classify for creative art?

I had being going to school for Automotive Engineering when the opportunity presented itself for designing some tattoo designs for some friends. I had my hands back on a pencil, using it for a creative outlet ( It felt nice to have it back ). From that point I was looking for a new job, something in the art field. I was later hired as a graphics designer for a shirt company that soon after was laid off ( Thank you economy ). Seriously though, this presented me with the option of doing this for me. With the help from an amazing Savior - Jesus Christ - he has allowed me to now pursue a new venture for my life.

The old workshop, you will be missed.

The new work space, view out to back yard, playing music off of AOL radio, petting the dogs, yeah it's rough.

April bought me this really cool green file holder for my jobs, including "Big Red" the clip. To the right is my library of graphic books.

Thought my job sheet would make a cool close-up. This is one for Austin Station ( If you need garments for a college sports store, he is your man. )

This is just a small insight into my work side of life. Today I should be able to finish up with the leaves.... getting tired of the leaves .... and move on to the next project that is in my queue.

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