Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leaf pickup ends! Wood mulching begins..

The leaf carpet has been removed to display the true beauty underneath, dead grass... crap. All I can hope for is that when spring sets in that the green stuff will come back, it's pretty hardy stuff. Now that my canvas is blank I could see the next project " Sticks"

The sticker on the machine does not accurately describe how easy it would be to get a hand caught in there. I lost no limbs but there was a casualty of sorts.

The sticker should include the statement- Will suck limbs into machine without warning!

The only casualty of the day.

Maggie was sniffing the dead.

Maggie and Baxter soon followed my lead and starting breaking up the sticks for me.

Maggie showing her good side, Baxter likes the smaller ones. Somehow he can strip the bark off of the smallest little stick without breaking it.

About 5 hours of cutting up limbs and removal of three layers of clothing I was finished. The wood chips made a really nice path along the back of our barn and added some to the mulch as well.

One more thing down for winter and the next is about to start, building indoor/outdoor seedling greenhouses.

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